Breakfast over Podesta’s emails

It’s a morally repugnant enterprise to go pouring through someone else’s emails — even if, like in John Podesta’s case, they belong to a long-standing member of the US political establishment.

Still, thanks to Wikileaks, and to the general debauchery of political life, we seem to be both able and permitted to indulge the sheer jouissance of it all. I’ve been having a great morning reading John’s emails.

This one from Michael Froman—during his tenure at Citigroup—is a current favourite. It’s from October 2008, when John was working for the Obama campaign, just one month prior to the election. Froman, seemingly acting as de facto spokesman for the US banking sector, attaches a list for John of all the people that Obama should consider appointing to all of the key positions in government if he wins. He does win, and his senior cabinet appointments follow Froman’s email attachment almost to the letter.

Now that John’s heading Hillary’s campaign, he’ll be busy right now getting sign-off from Wall Street on who’s to be appointed to the most senior positions in the new administration—on cabinet positions from finance to defence—if all goes to plan on 8th November.

The nation’s major media channels are presently dedicating their limited column inches to shocking the American public with the truth about the Republican reality TV star candidate’s chauvinist boasts and sexual misdemeanours. A sharp contrast to the Democrats’ socially judicious, self-possessed, magisterial candidate.

Meanwhile, Wall Street anointed Clinton as their candidate; Wall Street is funding her presidential campaign; and Wall Street will appoint her cabinet.

We ought to know who ‘Wall Street’ is then!…/how-women-are-treated-on-wall-s…

Ah, potentially a bunch of groping misogynists who say “moo” to women walking to the break room with a breast pump, grab a female worker’s breasts to settle a bet, and generally impose employment contracts that prevent participation in class action lawsuits over gender-bias. And who, reading Vice President Biden’s statement in this morning’s news, want to embark on a cyberwar with Russia, whose state agencies they blame for hacking John’s mailbox.

There’s a jungle of unparalleled hypocrisy, hidden hands, Machiavellian corporate greed, and deeply dangerous foreign policy machinery that lies behind Clinton’s painted smile. And, on personality, there’s little to suggest that any of those with their hand up Hillary’s back are any less bigoted, any less misogynistic, any less odious, or any less dangerous, than Trump.

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