DNC email hack ‘act of war’ — McCain

The Clinton Campaign and its financiers invested over $150m on almost entirely negative advertorial against their electoral opposition this year, in an orgy of PR and marketing appointments operating under a brief to curate the perfect narrative from Trump’s least presidential ideas and remarks — be them made in public, or recorded in secret. Not a particularly challenging task, except in distilling the voluminous source material.

This is, apparently, Democracy.

On the other hand, the electorate learning what the Democratic Party says to itself about itself, in a dump of unedited, unannotated source documents unblessed by the sacred fingertips of corporate advertising agencies, constitutes — according to John McCain — an ‘act of war’, undermining the very foundations of American democracy.

Failing to rise above even Trump’s moral bar is the most remarkably ignoble swan song of the American establishment’s political advocates – an observation I predict will be made more liberally by the discerning historians of posterity than by their well-intentioned counterparts today.

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